We really appreciate the importance of ‘link persons’ for the cafe: they are the link between the Committee and the various groups who run the event.
The Link Person’s duties are as follows:-
Make contact with the organiser well before their event and be ready to answer any questions they may have about the way the cafe works.
Remind them of the importance of local advertising, and ask them to send any publicity for the website to Sonia at soniagoulding2@aol.com. Posters should be supplied as either jpg or pdf files, and all information should be received at least a fortnight before the event.
Remind them that cakes should be home-made – it’s the unique selling point of the cafe. Remind them to buy milk (at least two big containers), and bring a float of 50ps and £1 coins.
Posters will be put up locally around the Village, and on our website and Facebook page. Encourage them to organise publicity of their own, eg house-to-house leafletting.
The large banner outside the Hall can be put up the day/night before, as can the two clip-on signs for the crossroads – the angled one goes against the Chapel cottage wall. It’s quite nice if they are all up on Saturday morning to remind people the cafe is on.
The ‘A’ frame sign and the triangular sign go up in the morning of the cafe.
Check the tea, coffee, sugar and juice supplies.
On the day, tables can go out in the Hall (providing there is no other morning booking). Put out the small square folding tables with four chairs around each one. Top the tables with red check cloths (found in the kitchen drawers), and vases. The vases are on the kitchen window sill and should be filled with small posies of flowers.
Do a visual check of the loos. More loo roll should be found under the sink. If needed, you can get some more from the shop and claim the money back from Martyn, our Treasurer.

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