How to book the Hall / Gellir archebu’r Neuadd

Check that the hall is vacant

  • Check the hire charges on the page ‘Hiring Rates and Terms’. Note that different rates apply to local and commercial hires.
  • Enquire about availability via email to We regret we cannot deal with telephone enquiries at present.
  • Please note that Saturday café booking enquiries should be directed to Carole Johnson at

When you have booked

  • Details of Hall access will be provided prior to your event.

To pay

  • Complete payment slip with details of the hire
  • Enclose cash
  • Put envelope in designated receptacle in the Hall
  • Frequent hirers can pay the treasurer directly against invoice by arrangement
  • You can ask for a receipt (preferably by email – leave email address) on the slip

Thank you for helping us to keep the hall alive as a resource for the whole community!

If you run a class in the Hall, and have to cancel for unforeseen reasons… We suggest two things:

1. A BIG notice taped inside the village hall window (the one to the right of the front door), and on the village noticeboard – opposite White Horse – to be put up at least a week in advance.

2. Get emails on a signup form from each class member, in each class: they will all use email, and it saves endless complications. You can then (in your email) get them to tell anyone else we’ve missed. You could also create a group telephone or email tree.

If possible,  it’s helpful, if you run an activity and come from outside the village, to have a local group member to act as your contact point.

All this publicity must be done, if possible, a whole week – i.e. one class, in advance. especially if some people are coming a bit of a way.   Make it very clear this is only temporary- otherwise you will lose group members. It’s also important to let the key keeper know: otherwise we are entitled to charge you for the heating – and you may have blocked someone else’s use of the hall!


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