Café Aims




1)  To strengthen social ties within the village by providing a meeting place and amenity for all ages and sectors of the community, and a welcome for visitors (especially walkers and cyclists).

2)  To raise additional funding for the Hall, gradually improve its facilities, and increase awareness of it as a venue.

3)  To enable local groups to ‘showcase’ their activities, gain publicity and raise funds for their own group or organisation (through donation of cakes, biscuits etc. from their own members).

4)  To provide a free tabletop sale point for local producers of crafts, art work, vegetables, foodstuffs and nearly-new items. Also possibly a book purchase/exchange stall (perhaps for benefit of Hall directly).

5)  An opportunity for anyone in the village to publicise their activities – outdoor pursuits, dance, music, theatre, etc.



1)  Open weekly (except where hall is booked, which is not often), including school holidays, so it is reliably open. Probably 2-5 on Saturdays – not therefore clashing with pub lunch hours or chapel lunches

2)  Organised around a 2-month 8/9 session rota – no one group would be expected to run their Saturday more frequently than once every 2 months


Some groups to approach: any more ideas?


School PTA

Local Charities: Help for Heroes, SAAFA, Save the Children, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Help the Aged, Save the Children, Childline

Village Choir

Village Hall Committee

Local Music Groups

Community Council  – councillors’ surgeries, public info


Neighbourhood Watch/Community Policing

Local Rambling Groups


Church and Chapel


1)  Three notice board sites (Shop/Crossroads/by Hall itself)

2)  At least 2 A-frame boards (also for general Hall use)

3)  Banner for Hall – 2 sided “This week”/”Today”


1)  Would meet on Cafe afternoons

2)  Needs to be large enough to spread load

3)  Might include members of key organisations (esp WI and PTA)

Community/School involvement

1)  Projects to decorate cafe

2)  School competitions

3)  Hall excellent venue – playground. Potential to use back kitchen door/courtyard

Cafe Use: the first two years

Cafe year 1

Cafe Year 2


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