The information on this page is primarily ‘in-house’ information for link people and contact people.
Link people are Cilcain volunteers who act as the link between the Village Hall Saturday Café and the hirers/organisers of individual café events. Contact people are the hirers/organisers of individual Saturday cafés.

The poster graphics below act simply as month dividers and do not necessarily relate to a café in the month alongside which they appear.

Please be aware that information on this page may change as the year unfolds, for example in the case of re-arranged café dates.



1st FEBRUARYGroup: Cilcain Community Shop Committee.
Contact: Sue Wingfield. Link Person: Judith Van Shaik
8th FEBRUARYGroup: Mold Hospital. Contact: Lisa Worthington. Link Person: Gwen Hardman
15th FEBRUARYGroup: Cilcain Craft Group. Contact: Eileen Hughes. LinkPeople: Gwen Hardman & Christine Langton
22nd FEBRUARYGroup: British Heart Foundation. Contacts: Nia & David Hall. Link People: Jenny Gibbs & Maire Hughes
29th FEBRUARYGroup: Alun School Music Department. Contact: Nia Grant. Link Person: Jenny Gibbs
4th JANUARYGroup: Cafe Committee. Contacts: Jenny Gibbs & Judith Van Shaik. Link person: Jenny Gibbs
11th JANUARYGroup: Hosanna Hospital Ethiopia. Contacts: Mandy & Richard Anthony. Link People: Sue Jones & Gwen
18th JANUARYGroup: London Bike Ride for Women’s Cancers.
Contact: Margaret Humphreys. Link Person: Judith Van Shaik
25th JANUARYGroup: Sarah’s Cafe (Breast Cancer charities). Contact: Lorna Jenner. Link People: Maire Hughes & Sheila Brereton