On show day, Monday 28th August, teddies will have the opportunity to prove that they are not soft and in fact are made of tough stuff!

Those who consider themselves tough enough can prove it to the world by parachuting from the top of St. Mary’s Church Tower. A well earned Bravery Certificate will be awarded to all successful jumpers.

teddy parachute #3There are also 3 prizes up for grabs:

1. Best dressed bear

2. Bear landing nearest target

3. Best home-made parachute

It must be stressed that bears must not scream during their descent as this will alarm waiting bears. Bears who fail the initial health and safety check will not be permitted to jump. Only soft bodied bears allowed.

Some parachutes will be available for loan, or you can bring your own.

Subject to weather conditions. Terms and conditions apply:-


Teddy Bears must register, with their owners, at the registration desk. They will be asked to complete a registration form, if they have not already done so. A jump fee of £1 will be charged (subsequent jumps 50p).

At registration, Bears will undergo a health and safety check – only bears that pass will be given permission to jump.

Bears who bring their own parachutes must have them firmly attached prior to registration – Jump Masters will attach parachutes to teddy bears who did not bring their own.

Please ensure that participants are not hard bodied and are wearing or carrying no hard items that could cause injury to themselves or spectators.

Bears must form an orderly line at all times – failure to do so will cause any offending bear to be sent to the back.

Bears must obey safety instructions from the Jump Master at the top of the tower.

If a parachute does not open, an opportunity for a second jump will be given.

Whilst every care will be taken, the Jump Masters will not be held responsible for loss or damage to teddy bears.

The Jump Master’s decision is final at all times.

The Jump is subject to weather conditions.


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