Thank you Blackheart!

Blackheart made a welcome return to Cilcain Village Hall on Saturday 7th September 2013, the third port of call on their biggest UK tour to date.

To a packed Hall they played previously performed songs as well as previewing some numbers from their forthcoming CD, ‘Songs from a Satellite’.  Very early on in the set was the catchy and bittersweet “Wednesday Afternoon” (which I still can’t stop singing!), followed by other beautifully observed and crafted songs, which in turn had you either jigging for joy or weeping into your wine!

Their music features keyboards and acoustic guitars and Chrissy’s gorgeous vocals, at times upbeat and energetic, at others world-weary and fragile, whilst Richard’s lovely, warm and assured vocal tones underpin and bind everything together to great effect; their voices really are a wonderful blend.

Richard also coaxed some truly evocative sounds from his guitar with the use of a violin bow, occasionally grungy and gritty, yet in the next move making it sound almost like a double bass, mellow and measured.  The mesmeric ‘song without words’, “Hey Pluto,” even intriguingly featured an empty plastic drinking bottle, used to great effect – sounds weird, but it worked!  Check it out on the new CD, released 28th October;   “The Sky and I” will be the first single release.

During the set, Chrissy and Richard went on to play the haunting “Endymion”, a song based on a story from Greek mythology, revealing that they were inspired to write this after their previous gig in Cilcain, in October of last year.  It was written in the Village Hall at the ungodly hour of 5.00 am, a time when most of us would struggle to produce anything more creative than a cup of tea!

Blackheart finished their set with an encore, performing the heart lifting and joyous “Everything You Are”, which will be the second single from ‘Songs from a Satellite’.  This is an unforgettable tune, which sees Richard delivering a deep, gutsy and hypnotic sound using the now familiar and well-used, tattered bow – fantastic!

So thank you for dropping by again, Blackheart, we look forward to welcoming you back soon, and we wish you the very best of luck with the rest of your tour!

PS Blackheart asked me to thank you all for coming along to see them and said that they really enjoyed themselves, too!


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