Hall responsibilities for the Autumn: with thanks to a brilliant team……….

This message is to clarify roles and responsibilities around the Hall over the coming months.

We have not been able to take advantage of all your kind offers: link persons were often simply the first to offer, or have a particular existing involvement.

We’d appreciate all help people can give, and especially help in moving tickets and forming groups to come to our three music/drama events.


Events team ( Blackheart, Burton, Mart Rodger)

Bernard Gibbs 740718 – Bernard has written details and tickets for Blackheart and Burton.

Judith Van Schaik 741660

Roger and Pauline Pybus 741062

Janette and  Brian Nevin 740751

We would also appreciate Martyn Scholes’s help with the Jazz event. (740983)


Weekly supplies checking – tea, coffee, juices – Sonia & Jon 740675


Hall (heating and structure) Jon Bateson  740675 – Jon can explain heating system.


Hall bookings and Keybox Will stay at David and Carole’s, once Jon has finished building work on Hall (early next week). Bookings by email only. Money to letterbox of Dolwar. No telephone enquiries about hall availability, please.


Cafe and hall website (& Cafe publicity/posters) Sonia Goulding 740675


Help with all pre/post cafe setup (in addition to link persons) Phil and Derek May – but we’d always appreciate extra hands! Clear-up at 5 p.m. can be very quick if we have enough helpers.


Hall stage/display lighting

John Scott    741436    stephkscott@hotmail.co.uk  especially for Show & Helfa Gelf


Links for Cafes:

October 5th (Art Day): Jen Nevin 740751 (though I need to check with Jen – I got the date wrong!)


November 2nd (Margaret Humphreys) David and Kate Allen 740971


December 14th: Judith Van Schaik 741660


Painting Team (Richard, David, Brian, Val, Bob and friends…..)

We need to paint the fire exit doors green like the panelling, and the window frame above: we need to do some door edges in green (chair store and equipment store) also the white on the walls needs touching up, and the new Stage Lighting Cupboard in the Store could do with a coat of paint. Jon is going to get hold of further paint supplies and can advise on when might be a good time for some nocturnal brushmanship!

Many thanks!


We now await the curtains and we’re done………



Best wishes to you all!




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