Thanks to all who helped with our Tabletop Sale!

A busy hall – and some new faces, including house hunters, long distance walkers, and our New Kettlercise Leader, Tony Puplett – kept us all busy at our Tabletop sale.

Thanks to all who baked, including the kind lady who brought a delicious spongecake right at the beginning of the event, and who then disappeared  before we could thank her properly. Thanks also to Gill and Barry Duff, who brought not only their photo album collection  – enjoyed by all who had time to look at it – but also an early pantomime script. Special thanks to Jane Scholes, who gave the cafe a distinctive new look with smart bistro-style tablecloths.

Huw Parry, our absent Cafe Friend, had sent a fascinating collection of photographs of life in the Village round 1921, and more particularly around Glanaber. The pictures, shown as a slideshow, caused much discussion: some are shown below.

Pentre Bridge, removed in 1925: and a very elegant couple

The Smithy, in the Square.

It was generally discussed whether we could post the pictures on the website, and it was felt that they were so interesting that we hoped that whichever family had taken the pictures would be happy for us to do so. Thanks, Huw!

The experiment of serving from the far end of the Hall (which we did because the Committee Room and kitchen were in use for a Beekeeping weekend) was felt to be a great success: we will use this layout again – it is more sociable than serving through a hatch, and shows off cakes to greater advantage.

Next Week

Is our first WI Community Cafe!

Please come and join us……….



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